The ISRRT World Radiography Day 2019 celebration

Dear Members of Perhimpunan Radiografer Indonesia (PARI) or Indonesian Society of Radiographers

The ISRRT World Radiography Day 2019 celebration is fast approaching.

This year’s theme is:

“Your Safety-Our Priority: The radiographer is promoting and maintaining safety culture”.

The poster of the WRD2019 can be downloaded from the

A special edition on that day will be released by the 1st of November by the ISRRT website.

May I kindly ask your society to write a short report on the activities undertaken in distributing the ISRRT’s poster and theme to your colleagues/members?

Furthermore, if some sessions/ lectures/ activities have been organized on that occasion, please provide to ISRRT with some good quality photos (2-3 photos) with a caption on those activities.

This will be much appreciated and will be published on the December issue of the News and Views.

Looking forward to that.

Warm regards,

Dimitris Katsifarakis

Chief Executive, ISRRT


Perhimpunan Radiografer Indonesia

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